You’ve Got This!

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I’ve had several athletes ask me in the last couple of years “when does this get easier?” or “when will I stop being so sore?”  My response is simple; it never get’s easier, you get better. As your muscles start to grow, the soreness will subside because your recovery time will be faster.   If there is ever a day that the workout is easy, you may be missing something.


Here’s some more good news; CrossFit will suck less when you are able to better perform the movements and work at a higher intensity.  With practice and great instruction from your coaches, the technique will come.  When the technique comes the strength will follow and then because you’re moving so well speed and intensity catch up.  So you see, as your level of proficiency gets better, everything else becomes a little more complex.

Over time we get stronger, build better cardiorespiratory capacity, develop more skills and become more mentally tough.  All of these things, coupled with experience, will enable you to know when to upscale or when to back off and refocus your efforts.  When we get faster, stronger and more skilled, the intensity, load or skill level changes.  There is a point when your coach may expect you to move the same load and continue to do it efficiently in a shorter amount of time.  That is a compliment, not punishment.

EmbraceTheSuckSo, the next time you’re debriefing your workout with your team, trying to bring your body back to homeostasis and wondering why you thought this was a good idea to start CrossFit in the first place, just remember; IT DOESN’T GET EASIER, YOU GET BETTER.   Embrace the suck, focus on your movement, get strong, move faster and tell yourself “I’ve got this!”






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