Tuesday, 9/5/17

 In CrossFit


*Performance Week – If you did the Labor Day WOD yesterday, your body will likely be fatigued due to the high rep workout – with your shoulders taking most of the punishment. Keep that in mind as you head into your training week. Listen to your body, do what you can do that day, and train to train another day. 

E2MOM x 10 (5 Rounds)
2 Hang Squat Clean

*Above knee. Across. Moderate Weight.
*5-10 lbs heavier than last week

Push Press
4 x 10, Climbing



A. 8 min EMOM:
1 Double KB Complex

Complex: 3 Double KB Deadlifts + 3
Double KB Power Cleans + 3 Double KB
Push Press

B. 6 Rounds alt. with Partner:
P1: 100m Sprint
P2: ME Air Squats

Rest 3 Mins

6 Rounds alt. with Partner:
P1: 200m Run
P2: ME Thrusters



The 4B Fall Nutrition Challenge kicks off this weekend! We’ll host our nutrition seminar in New Albany at 10:15am on Saturday, and in Louisville at 2:15pm on Sunday. Sign up sheets are at the front desk at both locations. Get your nutrition back on track and get signed up!

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