Tuesday, 8/22/17

 In CrossFit


*Base Week

Partner WOD
8 Rounds (4 ea) For Time:
A) 400 m Run
B) 400 m Row + 10 T2B

*Both athletes working at the same time. Switch when both athletes have completed their task

8 mins to Accumulate:
2 min Chin Over Bar Hold
2 min Ring Support Hold



A. 9 Min EMOM:
1. 45 Sec RKBS to Squat
2. 45 Sec Sit Ups
3. 45 Sec Burpees
Rest 2 mins

B. Battle Rope Relay in teams of 5:
For Time:
1. 100 Double Rope Split Squat Jumps
2. 100 Plank Waves
3. 100 Mini Wave Rope Slams
4. 100 Battle Rope Russian Twists



Our Fall Nutrition Challenge kicks off the weekend of 9/9. Sign-up sheets are at the front desk at East and in New Albany.

We have a special Friday Night Lights at East this Friday 8/25 at 7:00pm. All local CrossFitters are welcome to compete. Format is 3 person teams. No entry fee required, but we will be taking donations for our team heading to the Granite Games in September.

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