Tuesday, 11/21/17

 In CrossFit


*Build Week 

Gymnastic Skill / Strength
12 Minute EMOM
1. Strict Ring Dip 7-8
2. Strict Pull Up 7-8
3. L-Sit :25
4. Crocodile Breathing

For time:

200m Run
30 Burpee Box Jump Over
200m Run
40 Pull Up
200m Run
30 Burpee Box Jump Over
200m Run

Box 24, 20
RX+ Chest to Bar

*14 Minute Cap



A. Strength
8 Mins to Complete 4 Sets:
8 Ab Roll Outs
8 Weighted Glute Bridges
8 Barbell Bent Over Row

B. 3 Min AMRAP x 4:
3 V-Ups
6 Renegade Rows (30, 15)
9 DB Push Press (30,15)

*Rest 1 Min b/t sets

C. Cash Out:
5 Rounds:
:20 Hollow Body Hold
15 Supermans



Happy Holiday Week!.. Join us Thursday for our Thanksgiving Community WOD at 8:00am in New Albany, and at 8:30am at East. Also check the schedules at East location. We’ll have a shortened schedule Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday; then back to normal on Saturday. Make time to get your training in! Holiday weeks can be stressful, but exercise can help us stay balanced. Also, most of us will be consuming extra calories, so work hard and earn those holiday meals :).

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