Tuesday, 10/31/17

 In CrossFit


*Performance Week

Gymnastic Skill Work
10 min HSPU Kipping Skill

Partner WOD,
10 min AMRAP:
A) ME Cal Row
B) Supinated Grip Deadlift Hold (115,75)

RX+ (155, 110)

*If partner drops the bar the row stops. Rotate as often as you like. Score is total calories. 



A. Every 15 Sec for 4 Mins:
4 DB Snatch (alternating)
-Rest 1 Min-
Every 15 Sec for 4 Mins:
5 Sit Ups
-Rest 1 Min-
Every 15 Sec for 4 Mins:
6 Ring Rows

B. 4 Min AMRAP for Quality
8 SA Bent Over KB Row/Side
8 SA KB High Pulls/Side



Happy Halloween #4BFamily! There will be no childcare at New Albany tonight (Tue, 10/31), so take those kiddos out trick or treating!

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