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 I ran into Coach Case a few times at the local “globo-gym” but didn’t really get to know him and his dedication to health until he began working at Samtec Inc., with me in 2008. Being around him daily, I quickly picked up that his habits regarding nutrition and fitness were very different than my own.

I always considered myself to be in relatively good shape simply because I worked out; however, after observing Case’s discipline surrounding nutrition, I quickly realized I had a lot to learn! He taught me that no matter how much you work out, you can never out train a bad diet. This bit of advice jumpstarted my efforts towards a healthier lifestyle. I began cleaning up my diet and refining my workouts.

In 2011, Case introduced me to a “new” workout program he had been studying. He started inviting a few of us over to his garage that he had converted into a Crossfit gym. I had just recently completed an IronMan so the idea of a quick, intense workout that would “get you in the best shape of your life” had me very skeptical, yet very intrigued. The first workout I ever completed with him was a “fight gone bad” style workout:  5 fairly simple movements, 1 minute each with a 1 minute rest for 3 rounds.  My mind foolishly defaulted to, “15 minutes compared to a normal day of 1 hour of weight training and a 2 to 3 hour bike ride/run? Piece of cake!” I was quickly humbled after only one round and also 100% hooked!  I began training with Case 3 to 4 days a week. As he continued to learn, he continued to teach.

Still somewhat skeptical, I kept my “globo-gym” membership thinking I might return down the road… that didn’t last long. Around March of 2012, Case told me he was thinking about opening his own Crossfit gym. As much as I hated to see him leave Samtec, I knew if any one of my friends could find success being an entrepreneur, it was definitely Case.

A few of my fellow associates and I started working out with him at lunch as he began building his business model. When he opened ClarkFloyd Crossfit in April 2012, we were all hooked!  Case introduced Paleo to the group shortly thereafter, and we could all see our bodies begin to transform. I no longer obsess over my weight or what I can or cannot eat. For the first time in my life I can focus on my performance. I can honestly say that I am in better shape at 36 than I was at 26 thanks to this workout/lifestyle.

From the garage days, to our current location, and on to the new Mt. Tabor facility, I will continue to praise this lifestyle and encourage anyone, at any fitness level, to just walk through the doors one time. You won’t regret it, and you won’t look back. Thank you to Case and the other Four Barrel Coaches!

-Stronger than yesterday,

Travis Lozier


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