Thursday, 9/7/17

 In CrossFit


With a Partner
20 min AMRAP
80 cal Row
70 KB Deadlifts (70,53)
60 Med Ball Slams
50 Ring Push Ups

*One person working at a time, while one partner works the other holds a dumbbell in the suitcase position (off the body, not touching the leg) (50,35). If the dumbbell touches the floor, complete 10 burpees each.

“The Floor Is Burpees”
ME Dead Hang from Rig

*When you drop, do burpees until the last person comes down



For Time w/ Partner:
100 Wall Balls (20/10′, 14/9′)
100 DB Snatch
100 Med Ball Sit Ups to partner
75 Wall Balls
75 DB Snatch
75 Med Ball Sit Ups to Partner
50 Wall Balls
50 DB Snatch
50 Med Ball Sit Ups to Partner
*One partner working at a time, unless movement dictates otherwise. 30min cap



Nutrition Seminars this weekend! New Albany at 10:15am on Saturday, and East at 2:15pm on Sunday. New Albany will be closed after 10:00am on Saturday and only open for the seminar, and the same for East – The gym will be closed except for the seminar after the 1pm class. Get to the seminar and get your nutrition back on track!

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