Thursday, 9/21/17

 In CrossFit


*Base Week

Strength / Skill
Not For Time:
30 Tire Flips

10 min AMRAP:
100 m Suitcase Carry R
100 m Suitcase Carry L
50 ft Bear Crawl
25 Ring Rows
*Record carry weight to comments



A. 24Min Partner EMOM:
Min 1. Hand Release Burpees
Min 2. Goblet Squats
Min 3. Lateral Jumps over KB
Min 4: Mountain Climbers
Min 5. Rest
*P1 works for the first 30 seconds; P2 works for the second 30sec of each minute



Today is Bring a Friend Day! All class times will be beginner friendly. Invite friends, family, coworkers… anyone who’s ready for a better approach to fitness!

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