Thursday, 8/3/17

 In CrossFit


4 Rounds
8 Split Stance Barbell RDL (Each Side)
10 Hanging Straight Leg Raises
30 sec Suitcase HOLD (Each Side)

Team of 3
3 Rounds
2 min: ME Burpees Over Partners
2 min: ME V Ups
2 min: ME Cal Assault Bike
2 min: Rest
*1 Partner working at a time. Score is total reps.



Cindy on the Run:
12 min AMRAP
5 Pull Up
10 Push Up
15 Air Squats
200m Run
Rest 2 mins and repeat



The 2017 CrossFit Games are underway! Head over to to checkout viewing options. We’re hosting a viewing party at East from 12-5 and in New Albany from 5-8 this Saturday! Come out and hang with the #4BFamily!


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