Thursday, 8/24/17

 In CrossFit


EMOM x 20
40 sec work each station
Min 1) Assault Bike (Cal)
Min 2) HRPU
Min 3) Battle Ropes
Min 4) DB Snatch (50,35)
Min 5) Rest
*Score is total reps excluding battle rope. Set a pace that keeps you moving quickly but consistently.

3 Rounds for Quality
20 SA KB Front Rack Marches (Each Side)
20 sec Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold (Each Side)



A. Strength: 10 min EMOM:
1 Double KB Complex

Complex: 3 Double KB Deadlifts + 3
Double KB Power Cleans + 3 Double KB
Push Press

B. 10 Min AMRAP
50m Forward Jog
50m Backward Jog
20 DB Push Press
10 DB Snatch (5/side)


10 Min AMRAP
50m Suitcase Carry (L)
50m Suitcase Carry (R)
20 Mountain Climbers
10 KB Plank Taps



Friday Night Lights tomorrow night (8/25) at East! 3 person teams. Starts at 7pm. Participating is free! But we’ll be taking donations for our team heading to the Granite Games.

Four Barrel Belly specialty class tonight at 5pm at New Albany. Improve your midline, stability, core, abs, whatever you wan to call it :). We’ll also be giving out a full program to follow.


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