Thursday, 7/20/17

 In CrossFit


*Performance Week

EMOM x 24 (4 Rounds)
Min 1) Rope Slams
Min 2) Burpees
Min 3) Rest
Min 4) Step Up (24, 20″)
Min 5) Cal Row
Min 6) Rest
*Score is Cal + Burpees



A. 25min AMRAP
400m Farmers Carry w/ partner
20 Double KB Deadlifts (alternate every 5 reps)
20 Med Ball Reverse Lunges
20 Med Ball Sit ups to partner



Bring your friends to class today! Let ’em know they’re going to sweaty and tell them to hydrate well through the day.

Tonight’s specialty class in NA at 5:00pm is Improving Front Rack MobilityThe movement doctor Coach Cory will help you get flexible in the right places, and stable in the proper positions, to help fix those front squats, cleans, and any shoulder-to-overhead movements. Improving our mobility is a big piece of building our foundation. If our positions are better, we can instantly move more weight, and use the proper muscles to execute our movements. All of this helps unlock performance, prevent pain/injuries, and keeps our progress moving forward at a faster rate. See you there!


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