Thursday, 1/5/17

 In CrossFit


7 Min AMRAP:
6 Ring Dip
8 Alt. Pistols
10 V UP

4 Rounds:
60s ME Cal Row
60s Rest
60s ME DU
60s Rest



A. 4 round Air Squat Tabata
4 round Burpee Tabata

B. Teams of two must complete the following for time:
50 Burpee Buy In (this must be completed before anything else)
200 American Kettlebell Swings
200 Box Jumps
2000 Meter Row

Tasks can be partitioned and completed in any order the team chooses, but only one partner may be working at a time.


Box News

The Winter Challenge Nutrition Seminars will be held this weekend: Saturday(1/7) at East at 10am and Sunday(1/8) at New Albany at 2:15pm!

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