Thursday, 11/23/17

 In CrossFit


*Build Week

*Open Community WOD*

New Albany
For time:
800m Run
70 Jumping Lunges
60 Tuck-Ups
50 Pull-ups
40 HSPUs
30 Burpees
800m Run
*Must be able to RX all movements to do advanced

For time:
800m Run
70 Reverse Lunges
60 Tuck-Ups
50 Pull-ups -or- Jumping Pull-ups
40 HRPUs
30 Burpees
800m Run

For time:
400m Run
50 Reverse Lunges
40 Straight Leg Sit-ups
30 Jumping Pull-ups
20 HRPUs
10 Burpees
400m Run


20 Minute AMRAP

Team of Three

800m Run w/Plate
60 Plate GTOH
60 Squats w/Plate
60 Russian Twists w/Plate

Plate 45, 25

*may trade plate on run as often as you’d like, and may split reps anyway you want but you must complete each station before moving on

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