Thursday, 10/5/17

 In CrossFit


*Performance Week

4 Rounds
8 Single Leg KB RDL (Each Side)
10 SA KB Front Rack March (Each Side)

12 min AMRAP
75 cal Row
-While parter does a Farmers Hold (53,35)-
60 Box Jump Overs
-While partner Holds KB Front Rack (53,35)-
*Switch as often as needed.



30 Min AMRAP
Partner Wod
100 DUs
100 HRPU
100 Ring Rows
100 Wall Balls (20,14)



It’s the beginning of the month which means it’s time to get your goals up on the boards. Make them specific, measurable, and time bound. Goals can be as long term as you’d like, but try to think of something you’d like to attain in the next 90 days to put up on the board this month.



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