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Four Barrel Athletes – 4B Member Jeremy Zahn is in the process of getting his company Real Meals Paleo off the ground. Jeremy has been cooking and providing meals to a small group for a few months now, and is looking to ramp up his production and expand the business. To start this process, he’s looking for 10 individuals to do testing and to provide feedback on his meals/service. The outline of the testing is below. If you’d like to opt-in, email Jeremy at [email protected]

Real Meals Testing Outline
Real Meals Paleo LLC was founded on the basic principals of providing clean meals with Paleo guidance.

In an attempt to finalize the business strategy, I am looking for a sample group of 10 individuals to commit to eating one of my meals 5 days/week for 2 weeks.

Meal Standards

  • All meals provided are 100% “Paleo/Primal”
  • Absolutely NO sugar, NO grains, and NO dairy
  • All meals consist of a PROTEIN (i.e. meat), CARBOHYDRATE (i.e. vegetable), and HEALTHY FAT (i.e. avocado/olives/nuts)
  • All meals are cooked in olive, coconut, or avocado oil
  • All meat is natural, grass fed, and/or free range
  • All vegetables are purchased fresh, organic, and locally sourced when available

Purpose of the Sample 
To provide 1 meal/ day for 2 weeks while receiving continual feedback from consumers on meal convenience, taste, and quality.

Sample Structure
Sample consumers will receive 1 meal/ day for 2 weeks. Meals will be picked up at Four Barrel CrossFit on Mondays (for Mon. & Tues. meals) and Wednesdays (for Wed. and Thurs. meals) and Fridays (for Fri. meal). Consumers will complete a short survey for each meal provided.

Sample Period 
3/2/15 – 3/13/15

Testing Cost 
Discounted sample survey pricing will be 10 meals for $100

Sample meals

  • Meatloaf, cabbage, olives
  • Chili, celery w/ almond butter
  • Spaghetti squash, spring mix salad
  • Burger w/ tomato, onion, lettuce, avocado, pickle & sweet potato mash
  • Blackened chicken, steamed vegetables, avocado
  • Chopped chicken, bacon brussel sprouts, avocado
  • Chicken wings, roasted beets and carrots, olives
  • Avocado chicken salad, sweet broccoli slaw
  • Beef stew (celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, onion, jalapeño)
  • Salmon/Mahi Mahi, roasted sweet potatoes **This sample takes place during lent, so fish will be provided on Fridays

Once again, if you’d like to opt-in, email Jeremy at [email protected]

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