Sunday, 8/20/17

 In CrossFit


4 Rounds:
10 DB Weighed Step Ups
5 Single Leg KB RDL (Each Side)

Tabata Stations
Battle Ropes
2 min rest
Assault Bike
2 min rest
RKBS (53,35)
2 min rest
Wall Balls (20#,14#) (10′,9′)
*Complete a full Tabata of each movement before moving onto the next.


Friday, August 25th, grab two buddies of the same sex and come throw down in a Friday Night Lights at 4B East to help send Team 4B Strong to the Granite Games in September. There’s no fee to enter, but all donations will go towards helping our ladies on their trip to Minnesota. Come at 7:00 to sign up for your heat, heats will kick off promptly at 7:20. The WOD will remain a surprise…for now.

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