Saturday, 8/5/17

 In CrossFit


Partner WOD
24 min AMRAP
400 m run w/ plate (45/25)
100 Sit Ups
400 m Run w/ plate
50 RKBS (53,35)



30 Min Partner WOD
Rotate every 3 mins: (5 Rounds each)
Row 300m
ME Wall Balls



Games watch parties today (Sat’ 8/5) at 12pm at East and 5pm in New Albany. Come hang out with your 4B Family and cheer on your favorite Games Athletes!

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  • Matt McDonald

    All the mobility then
    Split squat 3×8 2x25lb kbell front rack
    3×10 seated dumbbell shoulder press (25s)
    3 sets
    10 kbell RDL
    10 side leaning oh kbell tow touch/side
    3 sets
    10 dumbbell bench press (50s)
    5 strict pullups with 3 second negative

    Lean X w/ Andrew

    Afternoon at home
    Run 400m
    Swim 100m (10 laps approx)
    Run 400m
    Swim 100m
    Run 400m