Saturday, 11/4/17

 In CrossFit


*Performance Week

Three rounds of:
Row 1000 meters
50 Burpees
50 Box jumps, 24″ box
Run 800 meters



25 Min EMOM:
1. 45 Sec Double Unders
2. 45 Sec HRPU
3. 45 Sec RKBS
4. 45 Sec Burpees
5. Rest



The 4B East 2 Year Anniversary party is next Saturday 11/11, starting at 6:45pm. We’ll be catering Chick-Fil-A as the main course. Bring a side to help pitch in. We’ll supply domestic beer and wine, but if you want something special bring it out. We’ll eat at 7. Games and shenanigans will start around 7:45. Hope to see you there!

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