Programming Updates starting in November

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For the month of November we are going into a new strength cycle, and we are going to be introducing a slightly new direction in our overall training as a gym. We at Four Barrel have a strong commitment and dedication to you as athletes to ensure that the programming we give you not only gets you healthy and strong each day in the gym, but we also want it to change your lives for the better, ensuring your health and longevity. We are going to start implementing 3 styles of training days: Practice Days, Competition days, and Mental Toughness days.

Imagine this first: The people in the class that you come to are your team (I think you guys already have this feeling overall). The people in your class are your teammates and each day that you are coming to class is a practice with your teammates. Your coach in that class is refreshing you on the movements, teaching you proper form and encouraging you through your whole practice. If you have ever been on a team, you know that each day you have practice you are not going to be able to give 110% effort, and compete against every single one of your teammates. You are practicing the movements or drills over and over again, trying to make them perfect and getting yourself and your team better in the process.

This is the idea that we are going to start trying to implement here at Four Barrel. Expecting you all to work hard every day that you are in the gym is realistic and encouraged. Expecting you to be able to give 110% into every WOD every single day is unrealistic and not the healthiest thing for both your body and your mental state for your long-term fitness. We want to give you a great workout every day in the effort to achieve lifetime physical and mental toughness. So what will this look like?

Practice Days ~ 60% of training days

These are going to be about 60% of our days in the gym. These are the days that we want you to work hard and push yourself, but focus on your movements, not worry about RX’ing the weight, and only worry about bettering yourself and working towards your personal fitness goals. The goal of these days is to practice the movements correctly, focus on your goals and micro goals within workouts, and get better.

Competition Days ~ 30% of training days

These are going to be about 30% of our days. These days are exactly what they sound like. These are going to be your days to push hard and compete against your teammates. These are going to be workouts that everyone can compete in, and we will encourage you to give it everything that you’ve got. We will ask you to really push yourself on these workouts, and compete not only with your teammates in your class, but with yourself as well.

Mental Toughness Days ~ 10% of training days

These will only be about 10% of the time. These will challenge you physically and mentally. They will be long workouts that you and your team will fight through together, and they will definitely make you better. These will not be very often, but you will feel great when you get through them.

We want you to be as healthy as possible for a lifetime, and we believe that implementing these styles of training days will help to achieve that goal. Your coach will help you with this every day and will be there to help give you guidance through these training days.

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