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One of our biggest flaws as athletes (as humans really) is that we want instant gratification for our work and we want results and skills NOW.  It’s a mistake to think that whatever that is that we want to achieve will happen today, tomorrow or even next week.  


We often set towering goals for ourselves, making it really hard to picture ourselves ever even reaching those goals.  Then we get down on ourselves and wonder what we did wrong to miss a PR and not reach that goal.  We wonder a month later why we still can’t get that kipping pull up or why our back squat hasn’t improved.  


It takes patience and time.  


I’ve said this in a previous post and maybe it’s a little cliché, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  You have to work diligently towards your goals, for a while.  You have to be patient before you can get there.  It won’t happen overnight.  It won’t happen in a week.  It just won’t.  


Don’t get discouraged that it’s taking so long to achieve your goals.  Of course it’s going to take a long time.  We’re teaching our bodies to do something that it has never done before.  Did you ever imagine you would be where you are today?   You really are kicking ass!  


Don’t ever tell yourself “it will never happen.”  Don’t ever stop reaching for new heights.  Keep working.  Keep pushing.  Be diligent.  Be patient.  Whatever it is you’re striving for, it WILL happen.  You will get it.  Maybe not at the specific time you choose, but it will happen.  

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