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Yes, you made it through another week. It’s Monday and you’re starting it all over again. Each week we have challenges that we face like trying to perform a workout Rx or avoid eating any crap. You are in control of what you accomplish and what you don’t. You own every single one of your accomplishments and failures. But striving for an Rx or falling off the wagon for a meal doesn’t mean that every thing you do up to that Rx or nutrition goal means nothing. If you only did 35 pound thrusters and jumping pull ups today, own that. If you ate three solid meals but had a piece of cake at your kiddo’s birthday party, own that. Be stoked that your body and your mind did some real work. Take all the credit for knowing what your limits are and for making a choice that worked best for you.


Stop for just a moment and think about what you do every day in the gym. Think about what you were doing before you found Four Barrel. Think about how many people you know that actually make the choice to push themselves the way you do. Take your performance seriously and own it!


For some of us there may never be an Rx day. Scaling load or substituting movement to accommodate your needs is just what you need to do to reach your highest potential.


Remember to reflect on your goals regularly. Where were you then and where are you now? Take ownership of where you are now and where you want to go. Own every single one of your accomplishments, even if that means going a day without soda or coming to the gym even if you don’t want to. Own your best vision of yourself and own every workout, every meal and celebrate your victories.


Written by Connie Keathley

Connie Keathley

Connie is a Coach at Four Barrel CrossFit. Her coaching credentials include CrossFit Level 3, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Movement & Mobility, Gymnastics, Advanced Gymnastics and Endurance. She is also a Level 1 USAW lifting coach. She’s coached and trained under 9-time USAW National Champion Olympic Weightlifter, Chad Vaughn as well as Olympic competitors Ursula Garza and Matt Bruce. She’s trained people from age 3 to 81, and has always had a heart to help others! Being a CrossFit coach has given her the avenue to do so!


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