Open Prep at Four Barrel Crossfit

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Many of you have noticed that the programming for the gym has changed quite a bit over the last few weeks. We are currently in an Open Prep Cycle. The CrossFit Open is an online competition that draws all kinds of athletes from all over the world. The Open consists of one workout a week for five weeks. We encourage ALL of our athletes to sign up and compete in the Open.

SIGN UP  NOW if you haven’t done so already.

Due to the logistics of the competition the movements in the workouts are relatively predictable. The Open can’t require athletes to run, swim, or bike, because some do it from their home gym and have to submit a video. The Open rarely requires incredibly heavy weight, because athletes of all ages and fitness levels compete in it. It’s also hard to require a max lift, because athlete would have to stop and show what weight they are putting on the bar before each rep. The list of movements the Open can logistically pull off is somewhat small. Here is a breakdown of the open workouts from the last three years from the good folks at CFG Analysis. (

Open Movement Utilization Estimates 2014






Do these movements look similar? We have been hammering these movements lately and will continue to do so until the open. There is also a trend for the weight for all of the lifts. This table is also provided by the good folks at CFG Analysis. (

Open Loading Estimates 2014




I hope that this provides some insight as to why we’re programming the way we currently are. Let’s have a great competition season! 

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