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While the Worldwide Open is the first step of the process that leads up to crowning the winners of the CrossFit Games, it’s the time of year when the entire CrossFit Community comes together to push each other to new levels.

Even if you’re newer to CrossFit, do not be intimidated. There are scaled versions of the workouts each week – If you typically complete our regular CrossFit classes, you should be able to complete the Open. That said, safety first! Always pick the workout option and movements with which you feel most comfortable!

The Open is a big challenge, but that’s why we do it – To push ourselves to new heights, so I encourage all of you to step-up to the challenge!

There is still time to sign up! You can register through Monday (2/29).

On the competitive side we hope to have another strong showing in 2016. There are a select number of gyms worldwide that have the opportunity to advance individuals onto the Regional and Games level, especially in the ultra competitive Central East. In 2015 we qualified 3 individuals for Regional (Lindy Barber, Kristi Eramo, Patrick O’Connell) and one for The Games (Lindy). This year we hope to take individuals and teams to Regional and The Games.

We want everyone to have an awesome experience with the Open. So please checkout the details below to help us get through the next 5 weeks successfully!

Details to know:

Know that your friendly Four Barrel crew will be working very hard over the next 5 weeks to ensure a successful Open! Bear with us as we’ll be putting in lots of extra hours to ensure things get planned properly after the Open Announcements on Thursday nights so that classes flow smoothly on Fridays, and so we can administer, judge, and validate scores and attempts at the WOD through Monday.

We want to help everyone get the Open WODs in! If you’re not able to do it in class on Friday, you’ll have Open Gym time from Friday-Monday to complete the WODs. The best times to do the Open WODs are below:


  • All class times on Friday
  • 2:00pm-4:00pm


  • 11:00am-1:00pm


  • 2:00pm – 4:00pm


  • 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Friday Night Throwdown

This Friday, 2/26 we’re kicking the Open off with a party! Come out to Four Barrel East for a Friday Night Throwdown as well as a grand opening celebration. The event starts at 5:30pm and we’ll run heats until everyone has completed the WOD. The atmosphere will be electric and exciting! Bring friends and family so they can check out the crazy stuff you do at the gym :).


During class times we’ll run two heats so one heat can judge another. During open gym times coaches will have to oversee the gym and all WODs that are being completed,  so we ask everyone try to find a buddy to do the WOD around the same time so that you can judge each other. 

Choosing Your Location

As outlined by the CrossFit games rulebook, if you train at both Four Barrel locations. You’ll need to pick the location at which greater than 50% of your training time is spent.

Submitting Your Score

Each week’s WOD is announced on Thursday night at 8pm. You must submit your score to the CrossFit Games site before 8pm the following Monday.

Last Chance Attempts

Monday from 1-4pm will be your last chance to complete each week’s WOD. Your score must be submitted on Monday before 8pm. Don’t wait until the last minute! You never know what’s going to happen with internet service or the Games website. Once classes start on Monday night, there will likely not be room to complete the WOD. 

The $20 Guarantee

Four Barrel does not make a penny off The Open. In fact we spend money to register our affiliate, teams, etc. That said, we sometimes get the excuse of, “I don’t want to pay $20 to do the Open.” Trust us, the motivation you’ll gain from signing up and committing to the Open will far outweigh the $20 dent in your wallet. We’re so confident of this that if you sign-up and complete the Open. Then regret the $20 you spent. We’ll give you $20 to cover the cost.

Details for Competitors

This should be a big year for us! All of our athletes have been working hard in preparation for this year’s Open. The competitive side of Four Barrel is stronger than ever and we hope to take teams and individuals back to Regional and onto the Games!

A few things to note in terms of rules and completing The Open.

We plan for our competitors to get stronger and stronger each year with trips to Regionals and The Games being a regular occurrence, so we want to lay down rules early on so that the process is fair for everyone. Some of these rules are mandated by the CF Games rulebook, while others are set forth by Four Barrel.

  • When signing up, you must list the Four Barrel location where over half of your training time has been spent since January 1st, 2016
  • Four Barrel New Albany and East are considered two different gyms in the eyes of CF HQ. We will put the entire affiliate roster for Four Barrel New Albany and Four Barrel East on each respective team. At the end of the Open the top six scores – 3 male, 3 female (that do not elect to go individual) in New Albany and at East will go toward qualifying teams for Regional (remember New Albany and East are considered separate teams).
  • If we qualify a team from either location the six people who’s scores were used to qualify the team will have earned spots on the team.
  • If you think you have a shot at making it to Regional as an individual or a team member, please respond to this email and let me know if you plan to compete as individual or on a team.
  • You must declare individual or team before the first Open WOD. This way intentions are set and we know who’s completing the Open as an individual and who would like a potential team spot.
  • If you plan to move onto Regional in any capacity, you must be judged by someone who has passed the CrossFit Judges Course, and you must video each of your workouts. This is your responsibility as an individual. Please come to each Open workout with 2 recording devices. We’ve done this enough in the past to know that you MUST have 2. The last thing you’ll want to do is repeat a workout because your camera stopped half way through the WOD. Clear your phone memory and backup your iPad before 16.1 and you should be good to go. Upload your videos each week, and back them up to your computer so you can delete them and have space for the following week.

Also a few tips for getting through the Open successfully while keeping stress to a minimum:

  1. Plan the times you intend to complete the WODs now.
  2. If you’re vying for a Regional spot, plan to do your WODs outside of class because of video, judges, space, etc. I encourage you to aim for the following times. (1) Fri 1-4pm (2) Sat 11-1pm, (3) Sun 2-4pm.
  3. Try to get your first attempt in on Friday, so that you can redo the WOD on Saturday or Sunday if need be.
  4. Monday from 1-4pm will be your last chance to complete each week’s WOD. Your score must be submitted on Monday before 8pm. Don’t wait until the last minute! You never know what’s going to happen with internet service or the Games website. Once classes start on Monday night, there will not be room to complete the WOD. 

Here’s to an awesome Games Season! Let me know if you have any questions! Get excited and get ready for 16.1!

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