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Shaune’s Story

I wasn’t born an athlete nor do I have exceptional genetics.  I never even really considered myself to be great at one specific sport, except maybe collegiate Beer Pong.  I didn’t even care much about my health until my parents franchised a Smoothie King.  I started working out regularly at 17 and competed in my first bodybuilding competition at 21.  As I pursued a career in Law Enforcement, I realized that “pretty” muscles and a high one-rep-max bench press were not all-encompassing in regards to how I needed to perform on the street.  As I focused on functional fitness that fit my lifestyle as an officer, I found myself drawn to running, something I was fairly accomplished at.  I decided to run a couple of marathons.  I enjoyed the marathons, but I was not a huge fan of the 10-20 mile training runs on the weekends and I experienced several small injuries and a huge loss in strength along the way.

With the main focus of my fitness being based on my career, I knew I needed to find a happy medium.  It’s nice to be able to run for distance, but my longest foot pursuit in 7 years is about 300 yards, which felt like a 5K at the time.  Also, I cannot recall any instances where I’ve had to bench press someone off of me, preacher curl someone into submission or calf raise a vehicle off the roadway.  After hitting both ends of the fitness spectrum, from bodybuilding to marathons, I convinced a few guys from my department to try the “CrossFit” workouts I cherry picked off the internet.  It was great starting out, but we eventually sustained minor injuries due to a combination of poor form and pushing 110% day after day.  Our mobility was a joke and we were only improving on the movements we leaned towards when trying to find the “best” workout.  Once the intensity faded and we figured we were professional-level Kettle Bell Swingers and Box Jumpers, I decided it was time to venture out of my comfort zone and try this “Four Barrel CrossFit” I had heard so much about.

After my first workout at Four Barrel, I immediately knew I was coming back.  Lindy coached, but Case was also there to give some pointers and show me around.  Looking back, I’m sure I destroyed the movements in the workout, the overhead squats more specifically, but I managed to limp back in the following week to sign up.

Now, after one full year at Four Barrel, I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life and am now a much more balanced athlete.  Currently assigned as a Patrolman and a member of the SWAT Team, I am required to maintain a high level of explosive strength and endurance.  CrossFit is not just something I do to stay in shape.  To me, it’s a tool; a tool that helps me complete my job at the next level.  It provides intense cardiovascular conditioning, increases my mobility after sitting in my squad car for hours on end; it has helped increase my overall power while also clearing my mind from the negative elements that come with my profession.  Studies have said my life expectancy is a mere 60 to 66 years or roughly 10 years after I retire.  Yet, with my current program, I believe I can defy those odds.  It has also been proven on numerous occasions that conditioning has a direct correlation with the recovery from critical injuries or near death encounters.  As a father to newborn twins and the husband to the most amazing wife in the northern hemisphere, I have more than enough motivation to keep pushing to that next level of fitness.

I have immensely enjoyed my time at Four Barrel thus far. The coaches are top notch, the equipment fantastic, and the family of athletes is bar none the best in the area. This facility is not just a mere gym, but a community which welcomes fitness into the lives of athletes day after day.  Four Barrel CrossFit has redefined my previous views on fitness and propelled me to a new level of health. I look forward to continuing my journey with Four Barrel.

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