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Lindsey’s Story 

I started gymnastics when I was 5 years old. (Little did I know that this would be the single best thing in helping me with Crossfit 25 years later) I stuck with gymnastics for a long time, competing nationally until I was 16 years old. At that point I was a foot taller and 50 pounds heavier than most of my teammates. My body started to break down with stress fractures in my back and feet and a pinched nerve in my shoulder. It was time to give up the sport I loved.

I learned so much through gymnastics: learning to balance multiple things in life, discipline, a competitive drive, a healthy start to life, and a love of exercise. Filling that exercise gap after gymnastics was a struggle. In the past, I attended my employer’s on-site gym, doing classes like boot camp, muscle madness, and a class called, “butt-n-gut”.  These were great, but I always missed my old gymnastics conditioning days.

Everything changed when one of my best friends talked me into trying a 101 class at this place called “Four Barrel.” I was really nervous to try it because I often had back trouble from my prior injuries and worried that Crossfit would make it worse. After completing the 101 classes and learning the types of movements in Crossfit, I was on cloud 9. This was finally a way I could get back to my roots.

I’ve been coming to Four Barrel for nine months now. The first, and most important thing I have to say, is that my back has never felt better. The core strength that I am rebuilding with Crossfit has helped alleviate past pain, and it gives me more confidence in continuing to feel strong as I get older.  Second, and almost equally important, is that this stuff is SO FUN! I always look forward to coming into the gym. The community of coaches and athletes couldn’t be more encouraging and motivating. And how cool is it that I am able to do handstands and pull-ups again?!

Conclusion: I have always had a passion for exercise, but I LOVE Four Barrel and Crossfit and what it has done for me!

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