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       Robbie and I started our CrossFit journey two years ago.  We both have been active for close to twenty (gasp) years, pretty much cardio junkies.  He was a cyclist, I was runner, and we were good at it.  Robbie was a Kentucky State mountain bike champion, and had sponsorship.  I have won 1st place in my age group many times over the years, and have ran 15 half-marathons…I thought we were pretty awesome.  That was pretty much our life.  That’s all we did-  run and travel to bike races.

          Enter kids, in our very late twenties.  I continued running through all my pregnancies and have been a fitness instructor since for what seems like forever.  We continued running and cycling with one kid, got a little harder with two kids, and three kids made his bike races pretty much be confined to around the neighborhood twice.  Being a fitness instructor, I had heard of CrossFit, and lost members to CrossFit.  I started teaching “strength” classes at a local gym.  That was my first taste of weights.  I had always preferred cardio with a little vomit.  I really liked teaching the weight class.  I started noticing some muscle…pretty sweet.  A couple of my gym buddies joined a crossfit gym in Louisville.  Every time I saw them and their ridiculous bodies, they kept insisting I check it out.  So what did I do?  I sent my husband.  He signed up for an intro class at Four Barrel CrossFit.  He went, he did it, he loved it.  I did the same 2 weeks later.

       Its amazing how far we have came over the last two years.  I’m not sure how 40 and 38 are suppose to feel and look, but I say both are pretty great!  I’m always surprised at what I can do at my age.  I’m one of the oldest chics in Four Barrel, and can hang with ladies 10 plus years younger than me, and am at the top of the whiteboard pretty often!!  Its just AMAZING!!  Sometimes I have to fight back tears after a wod, especially when I do really well.  I know with all the hard work, I earned it.  I honestly didn’t think that at 38, my body could do this.  I don’t feel old.  But, I thought there was no way that I would hang with these youngins’, and a lot of these ladies have become the dearest of friends. (love you girls)

      I grew up in the mentality that skinny was best.  Size 0, check!  I was always thin, but, I was a slave to the scale.  I had to stay at a certain number, or the “poop” was going to hit the fan.  That normally meant lots of running followed by curse words all directed at my husband of course. Even in my early thirties, that was still in the back of my mind.  Since beginning CrossFit, I have gained 12 pounds of muscle and a better relationship with my scale.  I’m pretty much wearing the same size clothing but am having a little trouble squeezing the lats in shirts these days. 🙂

       Crossfit has had many benefits for us both mentally and physically. It has taught us how to eat better and has given us a better body image perception.  However, one of the greatest things has been, being able to work out with my best friend, my hubby Robbie.  Its so great to spend time together doing something we both love and enjoy.  Even though as soon as its 3 2 1 Go!  It’s WAR!!  

Bring on the Masters baby!! (CrossFit Games Masters Division)

(Written by Jennifer Kremer)

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