Monthly Member Profile: Kevin and Lori Dupont

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We had always been pretty athletic; Lorie ran mini-marathons and triathlons and Kevin was (and still is) active at work and rode on long weekend bike treks.  When we first met, we enjoyed being together and had so much fun hanging out, that our running and riding took a back seat.  After getting married we let life happen and  it truly is a perpetual thing- you don’t have time to work out and you are tired — but you are tired because you haven’t made the time to work out!

I (Lorie) bought a Groupon for indoor rowing classes at another gym in Louisville and they offered free beginners CrossFit classes,  so I tried that.  I loved the “WODs”, however I hated the lifting so I stuck to rowing.  Then one of the coaches combined  the metcon part of the WOD with the endurance part of rowing which was perfect and I loved it.  Shortly after that, the gym moved locations and I got a new job on this side of the river so I was gym-less.

Kevin, my husband told me about a large garage he drove by on Hausfeldt Lane called Four Barrel, but I just sort of brushed that suggestion off.  Then one day I was lost and mistakenly drove down Mt. Tabor Road and saw the gym —  it looked new and clean.  That night we had dinner with friends and he was talking about Four Barrel and their move, so I asked him a ton of questions.  The next morning I got on the web site and was so excited to see the Lean-X class that I signed up immediately for the 101 that started in a week.

Meanwhile Kevin was out searching other gyms and was determined to join one in downtown Louisville.  I “strongly urged” him to spend time with me and come to 101 and give it a try.

So began our Four Barrel journey.  The first few classes of on ramp we were nervous, excited and fearful.  “What if I can’t finish”? “We’re old!”  “Man am I sore!!!”  but we stuck to our commitment to attend regularly and we now realize that CrossFit is more than just an exercise class.  The Four Barrel staff has helped educate on the correlation of nutrition, exercise and rest.

The coaches at Four Barrel take the time to work with us individually and have helped us to go beyond what we think we can’t do!  We appreciate the logic and thought each of them put into breaking down the workouts into incremental achievable goals.  When our bodies and minds say, “no way’, the coaches say, “just one more or maybe two!”  We are inspired and encouraged each day by the community and love the positive atmosphere.

Thank you Case & Renee for helping us on our Four Barrel journey!

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