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In February of 2014, I started my CrossFit journey.  I had been working out at the YMCA for about a year and I had noticed that it was becoming more of a chore for me to go get my workout in.  I really enjoyed the spinning classes that one instructor held two days a week, but other than that I hated trying to plan my workout for the day.  Suddenly, I had become the girl that got on the elliptical for an hour and then did some weight machines.  Coming from a background of sports, I was used to being told what to do when it came to conditioning and weight training. I also LOVED working out with others because I was able to push myself harder and longer.  After about a year of getting serious about my health and trying to consistently workout five days a week, I decided that I needed something more. I wanted my workouts to be fun and challenging at the same time.

I had seen some of my friends posting things on Facebook about this gym right down the road from me called “Four Barrel CrossFit.”  I had heard of CrossFit but I had also seen the type of people that were commonly associated with the sport so I had always talked myself out of trying it because I thought I wasn’t fit enough, fast enough, or strong enough.  Finally, I just said, “To hell with it, I’m trying this out.” So, I emailed Derek to get information about starting the 101 classes that were held every month for beginners in the sport. Of course I was nervous the first time I walked into the gym.  But I was suddenly comforted by just how friendly and welcoming Case was.  I will forget never the class and workout that we did that first night of 101.  Lindy, Derek, and Sean were all there coaching us through our first AMRAP.  The workout was a 5 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 5 ring rows, 5  push-ups, and 5 air squats.  The coaches were telling us to grab poker chips to keep track of our rounds for the workout.  As I was walking back to my spot I remembered saying something along the lines of, “I grabbed six poker chips…is that going to be enough?” Sean responded with, “That’s a little ambitious.” In that moment, my relationship with CrossFit was formed.  I am always pushing myself to do better than I previously had done or, even better, to show people that I am capable of more than they might give me credit for.  When that workout was over, I went up to Sean and I told him that I needed more chips because not only did I do six rounds of work…I had done eight, plus a few reps! It was in that moment that I knew that I would come to love this sport.

In CrossFit I can be competitive with everyone around me and I can also be competitive with the only person that could hold me back in this mentally exhausting sport, MYSELF!!! CrossFit saved my life in a way that not most people know about.  It made me feel alive again.  It made me feel that I was enough.  With hard work and dedication I know that I can always improve.

When someone asks me why I love CrossFit my response every single time is, “I love CrossFit because there is no plateau in this sport.  You can always run faster, lift heavier, or do more reps than you previously did.  It is a constant mental battle with yourself and it truly shows just how tough, competitive, and strong you really are.”  The first year of my CrossFit journey has been nothing short of amazing.  I have competed in three CrossFit competitions and, most recently, a weightlifting competition. I have also found a sense of belonging at Four Barrel.  I have found my second family, and most importantly, I have found myself.  I can’t wait to see what forever has in store for me with this sport because it is something that I never intend to stop doing!

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