Monday, 2/27/17

 In CrossFit


Partner Core Work
3 Rounds:
5 TK Band Pallof Press
5 TK Band OH Pallof Press
5 Side Plank + Row

5 Rounds:
1 Deadlift
2 Hang P. Clean (50% 1RM or 95/65)
3 Front Squat
4 Thrusters
*10 Min Cap



A. Stations:
1 minute ON
30 seconds OFF
Slam Balls
Sitting Oblique Twists w/KB
Jumping Lunges
*Complete FOUR rounds, record numbers for each round on board & in notes.  Try to keeps rounds consistent.


Box News

Don’t forget: If you signed up for the Open, then you must submit your 17.1 score online by tonight(2/27) at 8pm!

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