Monday 10/24/16

 In CrossFit


A. 6 min EMOM:
2 P. Clean, above knee + 1 Front Squat
*Keep weights <65-70% of 1RM clean

B. For Time:
30 Cal Row
30 Wall Ball (20, 10’/14, 9′)
20 Cal Row
20 Wall Ball
10 Cal Row
10 Wall Ball
*Damper: 7… 8 min cap


A. For Time, with a partner:
100 Wall Balls
100 STOH
100 Weighted Lunges
100 RKBS
100 Burpees
*split up however you choose

Box News

Checkout this week’s blog post on not letting a bad benchmark, a missed lift, or poor training day define you. It’s part of the struggle and part of the process!

This Saturday is Four Barrel for Boobs! The event if FREE but if you’re interested in donating you can  go to the Eventbrite Page or we’ll have donation jars at the door. All proceeds go to the Norton Cancer Research center. Come get your sweat on and support a great cause!

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