Monday 10/10/16

 In CrossFit


Back Squat
3×1 @ 100-105% of 3RM
3×1 Mod-Heavy Singles (across)

Benchmark WOD
Open WOD 12.1
7 Min AMRAP:
Burpee to Bar
*6 inches above reach


Every minute, on the minute, for 25 minutes (5 sets of each):
Min 1: 12 Walking Lunges with HEAVY Kettlebells
Min 2: Run 100 Meters
Min 3: 20 V-Ups
Min 4: Run 200 Meters
Min 5: REST


Box News
SAVE THE DATE! Join us Saturday, October 29th at Four Barrel New Albany and Four Barrel East at 9am for Four Barrel for Boobs! This is our annual charity event to help raise funds for the Norton Cancer Resource Center.

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