We’re More Than Just CrossFit

At Four Barrel we offer comprehensive training programs for all walks of life. Our members range from grandmothers to professional athletes. The beauty and efficacy among all of our programs are held within the same foundations:

  1. World class coaching
  2. A 360 degree approach to fitness
  3. Premium service catered to individual skills and goals
  4. A one-of-kind community

Our Mission

Our mission runs much deeper than the traditional approach to fitness. Simply put, we exist for one reason only – To change lives!

“To change lives through strong minds, strong bodies, and strong communities one workout at a time!”

Our Definition of Fitness

In addition to our mission, we feel that it’s important to understand our definition of fitness to give more insight into who we are.

“The continual journey of improving the body & mind through a 360 degree approach to proper movement, broad skill acquisition, and increased work capacity, all in order to live a better, longer, and more purposeful life.”