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Summer of 2013, I started riding my bike to work a few mornings every week. That’s when I came across a warehouse on my route. I specifically remember a small group of guys/girls running with wooden logs over their shoulders, up and down the street. I had no idea what CrossFit was, but it looked like the members were in incredible shape and were having a great time working out together. 

I had been working out by myself for years, following programs I had read about online. My routine had once again reached a point where it became boring, and I was starting to go to the gym less and less. I also found myself plagued with injury, serious wrist and shoulder pain being the most common problems. That’s when I decided that I needed to try something new. 

I’d never really been apart of anything like what I have found with Four Barrel, outside of organized sports. I normally wouldn’t be brave enough to walk in to a place where I didn’t know anyone or the program. But I had made a resolution at the start of the year to start trying new things, even if they were out of my comfort zone. 

It was after the first intro class that I realized this was going to be the start of something I loved. Case Belcher is an awesome guy and knows his stuff. He made me feel welcomed and valued as a member, right from the start. I thought I was in good physical shape, but after two weeks of intro classes, I knew that I wasn’t even close to where these other members were. 

I have been attending for a little over a year now, and have found that not only have I gotten in better physical condition, I have not had any of the shoulder or wrist problems I used to have. I give a lot of credit to the coaches for this. They are incredibly thorough and always give movement standards before beginning any workout. They take time to remind you of the things to avoid, and never expect you to dive without instruction. 

I have made a lot of new friends at Four Barrel too. It makes going to the gym something I look forward to every day. The coaches and members are awesome. When you know the people at your gym care about you, it’s no longer just a workout. It’s an experience.

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