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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve given an update on the opening of our new location in Louisville. We want to give you the whole story so that you’re in the loop…

We signed the lease and paid our security deposit in August 2014. We were given an estimated construction time of 3-4 weeks (minor interior buildout), so we chose a delivery date of 12/15/2014 – meaning that’s when the keys would be given to us. Once we receive the keys it should only take us a week or two to install rubber flooring, equipment, etc, thus this slated us for a January 1st opening.

As the original delivery date neared, we were contacted by the landlord and told that they had gotten behind on building permits and the new delivery date would be January 15th. While upset, we rolled with the punches and contacted everyone on our mailing list to let them know that the launch date would be pushed to February 1st.

January 15th has passed, and we still do not have the keys. The landlord is dealing with an exemption permit on an existing underground tank that is on the premises. This in no way affects our business or operations, but it is a giant piece of red tape that his holding up our opening date.

The tank inspectors from Frankfort were scheduled to be in last week, after which, final permits will be rendered.

We’re working diligently and doing everything we can to push the landlord along, but we will not be opening on February 1st. We’re hoping this process will only take a couple more weeks, but until final permits are rendered, we cannot give a concrete opening date.

We want to apologize for the delay. We do not take the practice of changing delivery/opening dates lightly. If it were up to us, we would have been open on January 1st. As soon as we can nail down a concrete opening date, we will be back in touch.

Thanks for showing interest in us! We cannot wait to get the doors open and start changing lives in Louisville!

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at [email protected]


Case Belcher
Owner/Head Coach
Four Barrel CrossFit

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