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Logan’s Story

Before coming to crossfit I had heard the stories of how it changes you physically and mentally but I never took what I heard seriously. Being a “retired” martial artist, I didn’t think that there was anything out there much harder than what I had been doing. Well, needless to say, I was humbled very quickly on my first day of on-ramp classes. My first work out, which I remember so clearly because I was so “spanked” from it, was a 15 min workout of 9 deadlifts, 12 push-ups, and 15 box jumps. Coach Derek had me participating with the noon class, and I remember thinking, “I can’t wait to be like those guys because they were so in shape!” The best part of the workout was when I was finished and everyone, without knowing me, came over and told me good job and introduced themselves to me.  From day one I was hooked.

I started in December  2013 at 215 pounds, and unable to do five pull ups without using assistance. I had never even attempted a handstand push-up or single legged squat, but tried and failed at both. After a month or so I was starting to lean out and getting stronger. I could then complete fifteen pull-ups and do a couple handstand push-ups and some single legged squats, my cardio was improving drastically and I was starting to get a little confidence in my ability to do the workouts.  Now six months in, I’m down to a lean 195 pounds, can do more pull-ups than I ever imagined, handstand push-ups are not a problem anymore, and I can crank out single legged squats with ease. I never thought my body would start to look the way [that it had when I was younger and in great shape]. I’m actually getting abs, I have muscle definition in my arms, and I have visible traps and shoulders. To make it simple, crossfit is transforming my body.

Now that I have been doing crossfit for six months I have a lot of  new friends and tons of confidence. I have the mental drive to keep on going, and to never quit. I realize now that your body can handle way more than you think it can. I have started to love pushing myself to the limit, because when you finish… well that’s the best feeling in the world. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that all the stories are true. Crossfit does change you physically and mentally. It has me.


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