It’s Never Going to be Easy

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Nothing has ever come very easy for me.  I have had to work for everything that I have accomplished and continually strive to be better. I often tell myself that if I’m the smartest, fastest or strongest person in a room then I’m in the wrong room. But what does it take to get better? What does it mean to get better? I think it has a different meaning to all of us. Some of us want to be better listeners or have more patience. Others want to get rid of the band for pull ups, stop doing push ups on our knees, string together more than 4 double unders or just complete a workout RX.  None of this is easy, you have to work for it.


In the CrossFit world, getting better means improving ourselves. CrossFit makes us mentally tough, makes us more fit, teaches us ways to improve our nutrition and leads to improved health markers today and into the future. However, just showing up to the gym doesn’t cut it.   This lifestyle that we lead wouldn’t be what it is if it was easy. The hard part is to constantly work on all of the elements that make us better and improve our overall selves, to include our health.


All too often we find ourselves trying to find a quicker route, willing to scale a workout, skip a meal or over indulge. When we do this we are cheating ourselves out of getting better. We are losing our mental toughness and deciding that we don’t want to be better.   Deciding mid tabata to scale the push ups to your knees just so you can maintain reps, when you know you can perform at least 2 solid push ups will NOT make you better at push ups. Yes, you will have a lesser score than others, but this is how WE get better.


No matter how tough something is, how much you need to modify or scale; check your ego, swallow your pride and stick with it every day, every workout, no matter how tough it seems. I promise you, you will get better, and you will thank yourself for it.   CrossFit itself doesn’t’ make us tougher, it’s the hard work, dedication and never giving up that does.  Keep working hard toward all of your goals.



Written by Connie Keathley

Connie Keathley

Connie is a Coach at Four Barrel CrossFit. Her coaching credentials include CrossFit Level 3, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Movement & Mobility, Gymnastics, Advanced Gymnastics and Endurance. She is also a Level 1 USAW lifting coach. She’s coached and trained under 9-time USAW National Champion Olympic Weightlifter, Chad Vaughn as well as Olympic competitors Ursula Garza and Matt Bruce. She’s trained people from age 3 to 81, and has always had a heart to help others! Being a CrossFit coach has given her the avenue to do so!


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