Get a Grip Part 2 – The Hook Grip

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Yes, the hook grip. The hook grip is a weightlifting technique that you should begin using today. Any time you snatch and clean and jerk the grip should always be a hook grip. When the weight is over your head and you are pressing, you don’t need to use the hook grip. No serious CrossFitter or weightlifter moves the bar without it.


To hook grip, wrap your fingers around the barbell with your thumb underneath your index and middle fingers, opposite of the grip on the pull up bar. What this does is lock your thumb into the bar much like wearing straps. This grip becomes more important as you move heavier loads and during the quick hip extension involved in the Olympic lifts.

For most of us there will be some stretching that needs to occur before the hook grip feels really secure. How better to accomplish this than to simply use the hook grip every time you’re using the barbell? Your thumbs will stretch a little and your hands will become conditioned to the position leading to a much more comfortable feeling.


Yes, just like the new grip you’re all practicing on the pull up bar, this is going to take some time getting used to. The adjustment phase will be a couple of weeks or more and your thumb will be a little sore during this time. Before you even realize it you will be hook gripping your steering wheel, the pvc pipe, dumbbells and never even thinking about grabbing your barbell any other way.

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