Friday, 9/1/17

 In CrossFit


*Build Week

E2MOM x 10 (5 Rounds)
2 Hang Squat Snatch,
at a moderate weight
*5-10 lbs heavier than last week’s 3s 

Back Rack Reverse Lunges
3 x 10 (Each Side)
*End 5-10 lbs heavier than last week



A. 8 Mins to Complete 3 Sets of:
10 Seated DB Press
10 Tricep Extensions
10 Barbell Bent Over Rows

B. Tabata: Cal Bike/Row
-1 Min Rest-
Tabata: KB High Pull
-1 Min Rest-
Tabata: Battle Rope Lateral Waves
-1 Min Rest-
Tabata: RKBS



LABOR DAY SCHEDULE: We’ll have an Open Community WOD in New Albany at 8:30am and at East 9:00am on Labor Day. We’ll be closed the remainder of the day, so come out and get your WOD on before you head off to your holiday activities!

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