Friday, 12/30/16

 In CrossFit


P. Snatch, above knee + OHS
*12 min to find moderately heavy double. Around 70% 1RM P. Snatch

4 Rounds:
8 Box Jump (24/20)
12 T2B
16 RKBS (53/35)
*16 Min Cap*



A. For Time:
100m Walking Lunges
90 Sit-Ups
80 Air Squats
70 Pull-Ups
60 Med Ball Thrusters
50 Cal Row or 800m Run
40 Plate GTOH
30 DB Burpees to Push Press
20 T2B
100m Walking Lunges


Box News

We will be operating on an abbreviated schedule this Monday(1/2)! The following class times will be offered: 8am CrossFit, 9am LeanX, and 10am CrossFit. There will also be open gym until 1pm.

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  • Karlie

    A done
    B worked up to 75#
    C 5:46
    Came back and did Leanx
    See y’all next year!!!!