Elizabeth Redden

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Name: Elizabeth Redden

Body Weight: Before-140 After-135

Wod Results:

My first 5K after 3 months at Four Barrel Crossfit was cut by 3 minutes.


RXing an entire WOD was the best feeling ever. It’s a great accomplishment to lift more weight each time I come in.

Achievements because of CrossFit (mental & physical):

I feel the best about my body that I have since having kids, my baby “pooch” that I thought would never go away is gone. I can run stronger and go longer without loosing my breath or even when just chasing the kids around.

Why did you start CrossFit?:

My husband joined, so I did the open gym on Saturdays


Elizabeth Redden After


and got addicted. I could see major changes just in the few Saturdays of doing this style of workout. I was ready to change my

workout routine, and I felt like I was accomplishing something. I became more toned and stronger in a feminine way.

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