Two Weeks Free “CrossFit 101” Program

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Take the first steps toward getting in the best shape of your life! 

“CrossFit 101” is our getting started program at Four Barrel. We believe in a thorough approach to coaching and training, thus 101 is a month-long, 12 class program. This is your opportunity to experience the world class coaching at Four Barrel, and our opportunity to get to know you as an athlete.

During your month of 101, we assess you as an individual, work to understand your goals, and teach you how to move and train properly – starting from the ground up! 101 starts on the first Monday of every month, and the best part… THE FIRST 2 WEEKS ARE FREE!

How to Get Your First Two Weeks Free

Email [email protected] or call 502-509-3801 to reserve your spot today. 

Additional Details
– CrossFit 101 starts the first Monday of every month
– We cap each month at 20 new members so reserve your spot soon
– 101 Classes at our New Albany location take place Mon, Tue, Thu @ 7:00pm
– 101 Classes at our Louisville location can be found here


1-0n-1 Coaching Option

If you’re not able to attend the class-based 101 program, we can get you up to speed with 6 total 1-on-1 sessions. We discount these sessions at 50% off our regular 1-on-1 rate for a price of $30 a session. Also, after you complete the CrossFit 101 program we give you your first 2 weeks of regular classes for free!

 Email [email protected] or call 502-509-3801 to reserve your spot today. 

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