CrossFit (04/04/16)

 In CrossFit

Overhead Squat
*Build to a moderate single. Pull from rack.

7min AMRAP:
10 OHS (95, 65)
10 Burpees over Bar

Box News
We have 2 awesome events coming up this weekend!

  • The 4B 4 Year Anniversary starts Saturday at 4pm! We’ll be providing meat, beer, wine, and games! Bring a side dish if you’d like to pitch-in, and BYOB if you want something special. Case and some of the guys will start smoking pork shoulders around 7am in the back parking lot. Anyone that wants to come hang out, play “stump” and indulge in a few beers pre party is more than welcome! Checkout the event page here. 
  • For the Ladies… End of Winter Challenge / Time to Pamper Yourself! The Sandi’s Styles truck will be parked at 4B from 3-5 pm on Sunday, April 10th for your shopping convenience. Nothing is over $50 and her dresses and tops are adorable!! Come out and treat yourself and your new figure with something cute for Derby Week!! Checkout the event page here. 
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