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Consistency; another word you hear us preach to you guys regularly. We tend to think that getting to prescribed weights is the ultimate goal. A different and better way to think about it is to be strong enough to use prescribed weights and have the mechanics to do it well. This all comes with practice or consistency.


We want you to be consistent in and out of the gym. We want you to be consistent with how often you train and how you eat. We want you to move just as well through a loaded back squat as you do through an air squat. With regard to your performance in the gym, consistency has a two-part application: 1) Be consistent in performing the mechanics (points of performance) of the movement; and 2) Be consistent in your workouts. Both are essential to your success as an athlete. And yes, all of you are ATHLETE’S!


Being consistent in movement is being able to demonstrate all points of performance of a movement with any amount of volume and load. Choosing a lighter weight or a progression to a higher skill movement for more consistent repetitions with proper mechanics is one hundred times better than moving a heavier load or using a higher skilled movement and missing a few reps or moving poorly. Reinforcing those proper movement patterns under lighter loads will create the proper neurological response and muscle memory to be able to move heavier loads and perform higher skilled movements later in your CrossFit life.



Being consistent in your workouts takes a little more thought and experience. With the help of your awesome coaches you should be able to be consistent in your workouts within a few months, then start making some changes for new adaptations. Consistency in your workouts includes being able to choose which weight to use for higher volume cleans vs lower volume, how to scale your handstand push ups, when to do jumping pull ups and when to use a band. You have to know what kind of stimulus you are trying to get out of the workout and make it challenging but not to the point of missed reps, points of performance or loss of intensity.


Lastly, be consistent with how often you train. Consistency can quite possibly be the most important part of your success in the gym. Make it a habit. If you’re only doing it once or twice a week it will have little effect on yoru overall health and fitness and your body won’t adapt to the program therefore making your progress stagnant. How can you be more consistent with your training days? Here are few tips to make it part of your routine.


  1. Commit to at least three classes a week and write them down on your calendar. Write the day and the time that you plan to be at the gym. Give yourself at least a 90 minutes window for travel time and commit to those days and those times. Typically if it’s written down we are more likely to stick to it.
  2. Just show up! Even if you really don’t feel like working out or the wod looks really challenging, show up, high five some friends, get through the warm up and then tackle the wod. You will be so happy that you did.
  3. Have some accountability. Schedule your workouts with a friend. You are most likely not going to make excuses if you know someone is expecting you to be there to workout with.
  4. Keep track of your workouts and POST YOUR RESULTS. This is results based fitness. Yes we all want to look good naked, but our performance results is the true test of our fitness. I still use a wod book and have for the last 6 years. I am currently on my eighth book. It’s so fun to go back and see what I was doing three years ago and compare to what I can do now. It’s very encouraging and keeps me motivated.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle


Practicing and repeating movement is the cornerstone for ensuring good movement, achieving faster cycle times, more intensity and excelllence. We give you all the tools and space you need, but at the end of the day it is up to you to practice and repeat to conquer your goals.




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