Competitors (Wednesday, 8/2/17)

 In Competition

We are starting our mini unload for next weeks testing; the volume and intensity will continue to decrease until Monday.


A. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

]30 sec Bretzle (Each Side)

10 Black Burns

10 Dead Bugs


B. Strength

Shoulder Press

15 min to Complete

Build to a heavy Single

then 2 x 1 @ 90-95%


C. Metcon

Partner Wod – Relay

8 Rounds (4 each)

12 DB Snatch (50,35)

500 m Row


D. Strength

Weighted Pull Ups

3 x 3 , across , AHAP

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  • Matt McDonald

    3 sets
    :30 couch stretch/side
    :30 pigeon pose/side
    8 ecc split squat w/ slant board 35lbs front rack kbell / side. 4-1-3-1

    A. Done
    Threw in a crap ton of accessory work here. Kettle bell Turkish getups, strict presses, oh holds, and reverse goblet lunges.

    B. Up to 170 for a pr. 2 @ 155

    C. No go for me today. Strength and accessory are today’s primary focus for me.

    D. Didn’t add any weight but did 5×5 strict pullups trying various grip widths

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. done
    B. 105# then 95#
    D. 18# across
    + 6 sets of 100m suitcase carry (50m each arm) at 53# and 5 sets of 6 tempo push ups
    C. thursday’s metcon with class- 526 w/ detra and ashleigh