Competitors (Wednesday, 6/14/17)

 In Competition

Hey athletes, if you got a chance to do yesterdays OHS with the DB and you found them to be difficult or you could only do them on one side then please get with a coach and get a Functional Movement Screen. Lets find out why your left side is different than you right or you’re having trouble with overhead squatting movements.


A. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

1 min Foam Roll Hamstrings & Calves

10 Leg Lowering 1 (Each Side)

10 Cat Camels


B. Strength


15 Min to Complete:

Build to heavy 5.

2×4 – 90-95% of heavy 5.


C. Metcon

12 Min AMRAP:

1 Deadlift (115/75)

2 Hang P. Clean


6 Burpee Over Bar

*Rx+ (135/95)


D. Core Strength

E3MOM x 5 Rounds

40 sec Front Rack Hold @ 85 % of 1RM Front Squat


E. Accessory

5 Rounds, NFT

200 m row

5 GHD Back Extension

5 Lateral Box Step Ups (Each Side)

*Lateral step ups: Just like a normal step up but the box is beside you and you step laterally. Go as high as you can without too much deviation in form, such as lots of back rounding or jumping off the down foot.


Note: Please watch the attached videos so you know the difference between a  GHD Hip Extension and a GHD Back Extension

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  • Matt McDonald

    trying 2 sessions/day for awhile see how my CNS reacts. Thinking a conditioning piece and/or accessory mornings and Crossfit class evenings.
    4am sesh- 100 cal row for conditioning holding 950 c/h
    E. Done but subbed in elevated ecc split squat for lateral box step ups.
    100 straight leg sit-ups for fun

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. done
    B. 255# (20# under my 5 RM), then 2×5 at 235#, felt heavy today
    C. 95# 11+3, burpees were slow but i tried to jump all of them… just not feeling it today
    D. glute bridges and single leg lunges w/o weight first, then holds at 205#