Competitors (Wednesday, 2/22/17)

 In Competition

Movement Prep
2 Rounds
5 Side Lying Reach + Rotation (Each SIde)
5 Side Lying IR/ER (Each Side)
5 TK KB Press (Each Side)

Gymnastics Skill
10 Min HS Skill Work

4 Min AMRAP:
9 V Up
6 Box Jump Over (24/20)
*2min rest and then repeat

EMOM x 9:
Min 1: :45 sec Farmer Carry (70,53)
Min 2: :45 sec alternating DB Snatches
Min 3: :45 sec DBall Over the sholder

*This should be performed at a light to moderate consistent pace

Recent Posts
  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. done
    B. done
    C. 5+10, 5+13 bjo’s slow today, calves sore from #allthedubs
    D. 70# suitcase carry (per Steven)-switched hands at 20s, 35# DB snatches- didn’t count reps
    E. Lindy Core stuff later, ran out of time today bc it’s Kam’s birthday

  • Karlie

    A/B done
    C 5+13 both rounds
    D used 30# MED ball 53# suitcase and 35# DB snatches. Just moved.

  • Camille Goldman

    Day 2 of being in a boot
    I will lift again
    Resting today still getting used to it
    My hips are sore