Competitors (Wednesday, 11/29/17)

 In Competition

We are hitting heavy singles for Snatch and C&J on Friday, so today will be low volume to ensure people are recovered and ready to hit some heavy lifts!


A. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

6 HK KB Halos (Each Side)

10 Side Lying Rotations (Each Side)

3 HK KB Press w/ 5 sec ECC (Each Side)


B. Gymnastics

12 Minutes for HSPU Skill


C. Metcon

For time: w/Partner

80 Goblet Squat (53, 35)

*while partner holds a wall sit


60 P. Clean (95, 65)

*while partner holds a SA KB FR Hold (53,35#)


40 Toe to Bar

*while partner maintains a deadlift hold (95,65#)


**18 Minute Cap


D. Conditioning

5 Rounds

15/12 cal Assault Bike

5/3 cal Assautl Bike – Arms Only

*Moderate Pace

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