Competitors (Wednesday, 10/25/17)

 In Competition



A. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

8 Single Leg Glute Bridge w/ Band (Each Side)

5 Prone Hip Felxion Holds x 3 sec (Each Side)

10 Barbell Front Squats


B. Weightlifting


3 x 1, across



C. Strength

Back Squat

Build to a heavy 5


2 x 5 @ 85%


D. Metcon

10 min AMRAP

15 cal Row

10 Sandbag Carry laps around rower (150,100)



E.  Gymnastics Skill

3 Rounds

1 ME Handstand Walk

2 min rest




5 Rounds

5 Single Leg KB RDL (Each Side), Heavy


D0 whichever you did not do yesterday, the blog did not update for everyone in time

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