COMPETITORS (Tuesday 11/22/16)

 In Competition



3 Rounds
6 Single Arm RKBS / side
8 Straight Leg Sit Ups
10 sec Hollowbody hang


4 Rounds Not for Time:
5 Ring Pull Up (False Grip)
5 Ring Dip
10 Band Pull Apart


15 Mins to Complete:
4 Rounds
6-10 T2B


3 Rounds
800m Run
ME UB Ring Push Ups
*Score is lowest number of push ups in any rounds


8 Rounds:
30s Max Cal Bike
30s Rest
*Score is total cals


Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    Hatch Squats before class.
    A. Done
    B. Did half after class
    C. Done
    D. 10,10,12. Could have definitely done more but hadn’t done them before. Also, running in 20 degrees in the dark is exhilarating.
    E. 92 calories. Tried to stay at/above 80rpm. Dropped off towards the end. Talk about feelin the burn.

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. done
    B. done
    C. done
    D. 23, 20, 20
    E. 64 calories

  • Matt McDonald

    A. Done. 25lb bell
    B. Done, did a seated false grip pull-up singles. These still aren’t comfortable might need some 1 on 1 help here.
    C. Done. 10 t2b a round, and 25lb single leg rdls each leg each rd.
    D. 25 across.
    E. retro Shwinn airdyne garage box. Cals went 15,13,12,12,12,12, 12, 13. Not equivalent to Assault bike.

  • Camille Goldman

    A. Done 35#
    B. Done – hard
    C. Done 10 T2B and 53#
    D. Nancy instead 14:53
    E. 56 calories, I need to bike more 🚴‍♀️😖

  • Karlie

    A done
    B done. Dips getting easier and recovering better after them.
    C 10 t2b and 35#kb
    D 21,21,19
    E no time for that but hear it was great!

  • Casey Hogan

    A: did in class 35
    B: Done, false
    C: Done, 70kb
    D: 28, 30, 28
    E: 58 total. not max effort