Competitors (Saturday, 9/9/17)

 In Competition

A. 4B Weightlifting Class


B. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

30 sec Foam Roll Lats / Upper Back

10 Deadbugs

10 Side Lying IR/ER (Each Side)


C. Metcon

6 Rounds For Time

1 min on, 1 min off

32 Double Unders

16 DB Snatches (50, 35)

8 Pull Ups

*Work must be completed during the minute work time. Pick up where you left off at the end of the rest minute. Score is total time including rest minutes.


D. Gymnastics Strength

6 min to Accumulate

1 min Chin Over Bar Hold

2 min Handstand Hold


E.  Something Fun 

Because of the nutrition seminar we will have an abbreviated schedule and no extra time, so instead find something fun to do at home or outside for 20 minutes

Ride a bike, go for a run, walk the dog, play ultimate frisbee

Whatever sounds good =)


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  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. Done on own
    B. Done
    C. I totally had no idea gym was closing at 10, so I did KF Wod 3 with 1:1 rest.
    D. Skipping bc I did it Wednesday
    E. Painting my deck today